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For the Birds


For a little over 16 years, I have kept the Bird feeding area filled with a Variety of Seed, Fruits, Suet and Water. It was my Husbands 1st Pagoda Style creation. and it has served it’s purpose to not allow Hawks to swoop in and have a meal. But Eventually this one figured out how to get himself in and check it out, while Big Mama was watching on.

I have yet to attract the flock of Green Parrots that pass over head 4 or more times daily. They eat in the West and nest in the East. Their squawking alerts me they are passing over. Much like the announcement of the Pileated Woodpecker who is highly loud and obnoxious. Downy Woodpeckers and Red Headed Woodpeckers also.

We have many Visitors. Some are the locals and others are just Passing through. I enjoy seeing all the activity outside my window. (Hence the blur shots, I am actually taking these through my dining room window). The songs of the Mockingbird. The Blue Jays who Mimic the sounds of a Hawk to clear out the feeding area when the Raw Peanuts have been replenished, and then announcement that “Peanuts are back on the Menu boys!” (Well I’m sure that’s what the Blue Jays are Chirping about before 3 to 4 more show up to nab and hide every Peanut). We also have an open Compost Bin that is frequented by all Birds (Including Black Birds).

Then you have the part of Nature that helps you laugh. Outside the Window of our office is this… A Tree Frog hangin out in him Tree House.

I enjoy seeing how all of these animals interact with each other. At Suppertime, as you look out the window to the feeding area, you see all of them eating together, including those pesty squirrels. I’m sure if you want to eat and survive, one must adapt and get along. Nature is always teaching a learning lesson. Til next time <waving> Love and Peace to you! ~~Pam All Pictures are taken with my Canon Camera. And can not be used without my permission. Thank You