Monarch Caterpillar & Butterfly Convention


I must be doing something right…Has to be all the Milkweed Growing in my Yard. But my Husband thinks we need to plant more Milkweed after what we found this past weekend. All Phases of caterpillars from tiny Small to ready to cocoon up for Transformation… to Butterfly’s coming out of their cocoons. We counted over 13 caterpillars that we could see. A few of the Neighborhood children were inspecting my back yard trying to be patient for a Monarch to emerge from it’s cocoon, they were asking a 1000 questions & I was trying to answer the best I could. Well, it finally emerged & sat for a good long time for the wings to unfold & dry out. And the Children as patient as they could be, were waiting on it’s first flight & where it would go. I was asked if they would come back to my yard…well it appears so…look at all the Monarch Caterpillars they are eating the Milkweed down to well nothin! Glad Milkweed … well… grows like a Weed!

Thursday 3/14/13 Morning Walk


Chill in the Air for me this Mornin. 43 degrees. Well I am a Floridian born & raised! We have had some weird up & down Weather here this past Winter. One day its 80 next it’s 60 and windy cold. My husband said it snowed a few times. Florida snow that is…(Frost on the ground).
I’ve been hesitant in getting out there and pulling all the dead, raking leaves from around the plants, just in case we get a fluke of Cold weather. But finally starting to Prune back Crepe Myrtles and bushes.
On my walk this morning I found 3 Caterpillars (Monarchs) eating up my Milkweed that I let grow wherever it decides it wants. I just trimmed back my Pink Porter Weed Bush, not much action there. Amaryllis’s are in full Bloom. Mexican Petunia’s are blooming every Morning, and Dropping off every Evening. Keeps the Bees Happy. The Meyer Lemon tree (lil bug is only 3 Years old) has really put out some Blooms, in fact more Blooms than Leaves. Grandson & I started trying to count how many lemons have formed & quickly gave up…he informed me we might have to sell Lemons this year…I said not really, but our neighbors will have some freebies.
Hope you all have an Awesome Day! Til Next Time! 🙂

Florida Christmas 2012


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Our Grandson is counting down the Days & has become Very excited. He has informed me (for the hundredth time this morning alone) that Christmas is 6 days away! 

If you noticed yes I go crazy with Decorating, I try to bring Winter somehow in my Home, Considering it’s upper 70’s Low 80’s for the High.  Strange part is, that so far this year we have been above average to where the back yard is filled with ROBIN’S! And it’s not even First Day of Winter Yet! They normally do not pass thru til Spring.

Our Main Tree are from Ornaments that I have held onto for 30 years, where my Grandson adds His School made Ornaments along side His Mother’s & Uncle. I have collected an Ornament every year for each child, so when they are out on their own they can have Ornaments for their Tree from Home.My Hubby’s Tree is filled with Lures & Baits. My Angel Tree was Angel Ornaments given to me over the Years. And of Course my Grandson’s Gator Tree!  The Kitchen tree with Apples & Cinnamon Sticks. And Yes I put a Snowman Tree in our Bathroom! The Kids Love it!

Yes we put out the Gifts as soon as they are wrapped, (somehow it’s taught the Grandson Patience?!) All the Gifts Wrapped in Brown paper was my Hubby’s doin…He wrapped them & put no Names on them. Which in turn I do believe to have our grandson wandering who they are for ( But also to where He is not counting how many gifts he has).


Yeppers it’s Christmas in my home, til ya walk outside!  LOL!  Hoping You All Have a Blessed Christmas & a Blessed New Year!


Chocolate & Mint Ripple Afghan


Chocolate & Mint Ripple AfghanIMG_2442

Finally Finished My Sisters Afghan! My Husband says it looks like Chocolate & mint! Now need to Mail it off before Christmas! I have become a Pinterest Nut!    From there I found  a great site for Free Patterns! You sign up for Free. It has become a really neat sight for inspiration.

Friday Garden Walk


Noticed that Wildlife was Busy Today, So I grabbed the Camera and here’s what I was able to Capture.

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I was amazed that Papa Cardinal allowed me to be so close to His Lil Ones. I have not seen the Mother.

My Hummingbird Bush that I need to cut back somehow stays the Busiest with Visitors. The Purple Flower is a Mexican Petunia.

My Lizard friends are always around me when I am pulling weeds, they wait for a meal to be disturbed from the ground and pounce! They have at times crawled on my hands or arms to wait for their meal to appear.


Cucumber & Cream Recipe


Mornin! Found the “Cucumber & Cream” Recipe! (Always in the Last Place you Look for it!)

These are Stored in your Fridge in a Crock. They will last a good time! That is if they are not eaten up first!

Cucumber  & Cream

12 Medium Cucumbers Peeled & Sliced                 1/2 Teaspoon Pepper

2 Tablespoons Salt                                               1 Pint Heavy Whipping Cream

1 Medium Onion Sliced in Rings                            1 Pint White Vinegar

2 cups Sugar

Put Sliced Cucumber’s & Sliced Onion’s into a Crock, Add Salt & Cover (w/plate). Let stand for 6 hours.

Drain off Water, Add Sugar, Mix til dissolved. Add Pepper, Vinegar & Cream. Stir until incorporated. Refrigerate.

It’s a Spring Thing!  🙂

My Walk this Morning


In My Lil Slice, I have a little of everything going on. Over the Years I have Planted what has caught my eye, and I was able to grow here in My 9 zone. And of Course Plants given to me Thru the Family.  Gardening is at the Whim of the Gardener. It can start Simple & Small, then add as years go by… In Gardening it takes time, Trial & Error…Learning your Region & what plants are for your area.   Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder… As in Art’s & Crafts, All it takes is Imagination, and a Dream.  We all have Creative Abilities.


This is a Handed Down 4 Generation Climbing Rose. Mine Varies in Bloom color, some are Dark Pink/White, and the ones shown here Light Pink/White. The cluster has 17 buds.

Amaryllis  I planted One, 3 years ago, now I have about 30.

 Butterfly Attractor,(I am not good w/Names! My biggest downfall!) This Plant I got 3 Years ago,  The Past few Winters were Harsh that I had to trim it all the way down, but Lil Bugger keeps coming back!  This year was such a Mild one it gave this one a chance to grow.

Hummingbird Bush (Again, Names) Had this for 3 years. The Bush itself is 6ft x6ft. (I am trying to figure out how to Prune it back!) I captured one of the visitors to this Bush…Bee’s Love this, they swarm all thru the day! Along with 3 Types of Butterflies, Bumble Bees & of course My Hummingbird who Protects His Territory by chasing other Hummingbird’s Away! Will Try to get more Pics Of the Visitors!

Red & Pink Pentas, Another Butterfly Attractor.  Had The Red ones for 2 Years, The Pink one My Lil Grandson brought Home to me from School last year.

Gerber Daisy Salmon Color. Had this Lil Fellow going on 4 Years, Always comes back for me. 🙂

Handed Down Lily 3 Generations, The Bloom Colors vary with this one also, From a Dark Magenta, Vary Stages of Pink to at times Blooming White. I have counted up to 20 Blooms on One Stalk.

Angel Wing Begonia  Have in a Container outside of my Screen Porch out back.

This is my Bird Feeding/Squirrel Area. It’s a Pagoda Style to keep the Cooper’s Hawks, and other Predator Bird’s from swooping in while they feed. (I’ve had the Hawks land on top of the Pagoda). I have in the forefront a Joseph’s Coat Rose. In the Back a Wisteria who is still very young. In the back Left of Pic a Cape Cod Honeysuckle. I have Ground Doves, Cardinals (Mr. & Mrs.), Blue Jays, Mockingbirds, Red Headed Woodpeckers, Wrens, Migratory Birds. (Names Again). This area is still a work in Progress. At the Bird feeder is a Ground Dove. On the Lattice to the bottom Left…One of the Many Squirrel’s.

Caladiums, They came out very Early this Year, But then again Had a Warm Winter…which makes me wonder if We’ll have a Very Hot Summer…

Thanks For Your Time… God Bless!   ~Pam