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Finishing GiGi’s Coat of Many Colors Scrap Afghan…


My Hubby’s Mom Started this Crochet Afghan many years ago, made from scrap specialty yarns of all textures and weights, her eyes and health failing, she never finished.

She passed 10 years ago.
It took me this long to finish. I wanted it to be her as I added to it.

As I knotted and kept every thread she left dangling in the color changes, starts, and finish. It was her Coat of Many Colors to hand down and add to. Some rows are double crochet, others single crochet. A meandering of either or…

I realized that while adding to this the next generation could pick it up and add to it also, so there is no border, no finished edge, and on my last row, my specialty scrap yarn ran out almost midway, tied off awaiting the next to pick up where we left off.

👋 Waving Until Next time,
May your Today and Every Tomorrow be filled with Grace, Love, Laughter and Peace. ~~MawMaw Pam