155th Anniversary of Juneteenth


In My Thoughts


That this may be the Year of Breaking Free, Setting the Standard of what was established 155 years ago. It Began all those Years, Lives, Deaths ago and now I Pray a New Chapter of “Equality” takes place.

No more Oppression, Being Looked down upon, Made to always feel like one is never good enough. No more One Way Streets, Its a 4 Or More Lane Highway/Interstate of flow for ALL! No One is Superior than the other.

You are all Precious

When Our Father in Heaven looks upon us, we are all Equals. No One is held higher than another. We all have Purpose, a Function on this Earth. He Loves each and everyone of us for where we are and who we are.

Let us Rise Up, Celebrate Today and every Tomorrow for moving forward, where all “Human Being’s” ( Definition: a man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power to articulate speech, and upright stance) are created equal. For there is only One Human Race (Definition: human beings in general; humankind)

There are no more excuses.

Grace and Peace be unto you All

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