Florida Christmas 2012


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Our Grandson is counting down the Days & has become Very excited. He has informed me (for the hundredth time this morning alone) that Christmas is 6 days away! 

If you noticed yes I go crazy with Decorating, I try to bring Winter somehow in my Home, Considering it’s upper 70’s Low 80’s for the High.  Strange part is, that so far this year we have been above average to where the back yard is filled with ROBIN’S! And it’s not even First Day of Winter Yet! They normally do not pass thru til Spring.

Our Main Tree are from Ornaments that I have held onto for 30 years, where my Grandson adds His School made Ornaments along side His Mother’s & Uncle. I have collected an Ornament every year for each child, so when they are out on their own they can have Ornaments for their Tree from Home.My Hubby’s Tree is filled with Lures & Baits. My Angel Tree was Angel Ornaments given to me over the Years. And of Course my Grandson’s Gator Tree!  The Kitchen tree with Apples & Cinnamon Sticks. And Yes I put a Snowman Tree in our Bathroom! The Kids Love it!

Yes we put out the Gifts as soon as they are wrapped, (somehow it’s taught the Grandson Patience?!) All the Gifts Wrapped in Brown paper was my Hubby’s doin…He wrapped them & put no Names on them. Which in turn I do believe to have our grandson wandering who they are for ( But also to where He is not counting how many gifts he has).


Yeppers it’s Christmas in my home, til ya walk outside!  LOL!  Hoping You All Have a Blessed Christmas & a Blessed New Year!


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